Wholesale Mario Kart 7 on 3DS

Publisher: Nintendo

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Mario Kart 7 brings one of the most popular gaming franchises of recent years to Nintendo’s latest handheld, featuring stunning glasses-free 3D graphics and one of the most comprehensive multiplayer experiences around.

All of the hallmarks of the classic series are here, from a wide variety of tracks on land, sea and even in the sky, to time trials and grand prix in the Mushroom and Flower Cups. However, the newest addition to the series is the Community mode.

In line with Nintendo’s aim of making Mario Kart 7 one of the most customisable games in their history, the Community mode utilises the 3DS’s built in wireless functionality to allow players to compete with other fans online with specific rules and tracks for certain groups. Players can then track their progress against their friends using the dedicated Community leader boards.

While the wireless and 3D technology in the 3DS is perfectly implemented, the gyro controls also experience their best implementation yet, with players able to control their Kart through steering motions and, for the first time, can drive in a true first-person view. The unique StreetPass and SpotPass features are also not neglected, with a range of game data transferrable to other local players, including the famed time trial ghosts.

Aside from pushing the 3DS technology to the maximum, the developers have made sure to offer something new to fans of the series, including new characters and courses and even the ability to race as their own Mii.



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