Xbox 360 Arcade

Manufacturer: Microsoft

X360 Arcade consoles are previous generation X360 desktop consoles. They feature HDMI high resolution output, 256MB memory chip and X360 game controller. The difference from X360 Elite console is that Arcade does not include a hard drive. This console is still in considerable demand especially in Eastern markets, for Jasper mother board models. Price could be comparable or even higher than for newer X360 Slim 4G consoles.

The new Xbox 360 Arcade gaming system bundle is a great savings offer, and includes the Xbox 360 gaming system (with 256MB of integrated storage), a memory card, Xbox Live silver membership, and a wireless controller. Upgrade to gold membership to take advantage of more exclusive downloads and online multi-player game-play.

Hundreds of titles are available for the Xbox 360 gaming system, including Viva Pinata, LEGO Star Wars, Halo-3, and many more. The Xbox 360 gaming system can play DVD’s and audio CD’s, and comes with an adult filter to block access to games of a certain rating.

  • Start playing: The Xbox 360 Arcade gaming system comes packed with everything you need to get to playing right away, including an adult filter, a wireless controller, a memory card, an HDMI output (cable not included) and more.
  • Xbox Guide Button: Get info about the gaming console and turn it on or off without walking over to the gaming system by pressing the guide button, which is available on both regular and wireless controllers.
  • Xbox LIVE: Connect with other players, anywhere, anytime with Xbox LIVE, the feature that will enhance your gaming experience to new levels. Connect your broadband connection to the gaming console, attach a memory card or external hard drive, and get connected to Xbox LIVE Silver immediately! Use voice chat to talk to other gamers, get access to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, and create a digital identity for yourself via your gamer card and gamer-tag.
  • Xbox LIVE Marketplace: This feature allows you to download updates for your games, as well as download new games, altogether. This feature is accessible to Silver and Gold members, alike.
  • Games: The way video games sound, look, feel, and play is changed permanently by the Xbox 360 Arcade gaming console. 720P and 1080i HD resolution is supported by Xbox 360 games, as well as the standard 480p definition. The graphics are almost-movie like, complimented by surround sound. The game comes to life and pulls you in, resulting in a gaming experience like never before.
  • Digital entertainment: Boost your videos, photos, and music like never before. Enjoy DVD movies straight out of the package. Upload audio files to the Xbox 360’s 256MB hard drive and send photos to your friends. The 360 also connects to your PC, digital camera, and MP3 player.

Contents of the box:

  • The Xbox 360 Arcade gaming system
  • One wireless controller
  • 256 megabytes of storage
  • An A/V cable
  • Silver membership for Xbox LIVE*
  • Manual and warranty**

* Connecting to Xbox LIVE is absolutely free of charge, and gets you access go add-ons for games such as characters and music themes, plus access to HD videos, as well. Join online multi-player games, connect with friends, and stream 1000’s of TV episodes and HD movies by subscribing to an Xbox Live Gold account (one month free).

** The warranty is for one month and includes parts and labor. Please send in the system itself, without any accessories. The console can be upgraded with the latest firmware for £10. All Xbox 360 gaming systems come with special warranty seals, so scammers, don’t even try. If a console is returned missing the warranty seal, you will not be refunded and the console will be confiscated.

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