Sony PlayStation PSP Go

Manufacturer: Sony

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Sony’s PSP Go handheld console is more advanced over the PSP 3000 series, with its lighter weight, same as PSP 3000 high resolution 3.8-inch display screen, high quality built and design. It has a 16MB internal memory through Memory Stick Micro (M2). Other features include Bluetooth 2 connectivity, wireless connection, and other. The main disadvantage is absence of disc drive, meaning that games van be only downloaded.


The PSP Go portable gaming console is light and compact, weighing just 160 grams and is smaller than the PSP 3000 by 43%, yet packs a display that is just as large, and delivers the same quality resolution. The PSP Go portable gaming console packs 16 gigabytes of internal memory, which can be expanded to 32 GB via M2 Micro Memory sticks on which you can store videos, music, photos, and games. The PSP is fully digitized, meaning you can download content anywhere, anytime, as long as you are connected via Blue-tooth or Wi-Fi. You can also access the files on your PlayStation 3 (as long as it’s connected to the Internet) through wireless Internet while you’re on the go,

Many games are already available, including Gran Turismo, MotorStorm Arctic Edge, and LittleBigPlanet, plus tons more that will be down-loadable in the near future.

Taking the PSP line to a whole new direction, the PSP Go portable gaming system is the lightest, smallest PSP thus far. That makes far easier for you to watch videos, listen to music, play games, chat with buddies, surf the web, and view photos while on the go. The PSP Go portable gaming system is also able to connect with other PSP’s using blue-tooth technology, and to PS3 gaming consoles via Wi-Fi. When connected to another console, you can share anything ranging from photos to games. And thanks to its compact design, the PSP Go will fit into your pocket with ease!

Slide the display up to access the main controls. The PSP’s sliding mechanism and shape is very similar to the MYLO COM-2 mini net-book. A cradle is also available for docking and charging. With the bluetooth feature, users can connect with mobile phones, use special headsets that are compatible with bluetooth, and play games with PlayStation 3 controllers. To get games, you can download them from the PlayStation store, or use a computer with Media Go software or a PlayStation 3 to transfer them to your PSP. Besides the latest games developed specifically for the PSP Pro portable gaming system, all games developed for older PSP gaming systems will be available for download, as well.

The buttons are easier to click than on the PSP-2000 mobile gaming system. Screen brightness is fully adjustable, but you should avoid keeping the brightness at maximum if you want to conserve battery life. The battery is integrated (not removable), and lasts around 1.5 days, barring heavy gaming. A proprietary port replaces the mini USB port. The PSP Go portable gaming system is lighter and sturdier than previous PSP gaming systems, and provides the user with a smoother gaming experience. When the PSP Go gaming system is closed, a calendar and a clock are displayed. PSN (PlayStation Network) downloads are also faster on the PSP Go mobile gaming system than on previous PSP consoles. No need to spend money on extra memory cards when the PSP Go already has plenty of external storage, though if you are a really serious gamer and are planning to buy tons of games, then you definitely shouldn’t hesitate to buy some extra memory sticks.

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