Nintendo DS

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Nintendo DS is one of its first hand-held consoles. It features small size, light weight and good computing power that allows to enjoy good quality games. The market offers a vast quantity of games developed for Nintendo DS / DSi platform which makes it the most successful hand held platform of all times. The console is relatively inexpensive and the games are less expensive than for example its rival Sony PSP system. This coupled with the fact that platform has many games for children makes it an ideal first time console for every kid. Many retailers use this opportunity for targeting as a good gift for children and teen during sales and festive seasons.

Technical Specifications:

  • Double Screens present exclusive possibilities – utilize the new touch screen to view racing liveliness from 2 different perspectives at the same time, as a reference of  your inventory in role-playing games,  and to glimpse at maps in your preferred strategy games.
  • Browse through menus or access the inventory items by simply making physical contact with the screen via your fingertips or stylus.
  • Touchscreen protected from scratches and fingerprints by a dense film.
  • Advanced audio system with 16 channels and an engine with 3D graphics, resulting in sound and graphics that leave make other game consoles obsolete.
  • Type up messages via the screen integrated keyboard with the exclusive PictoChat ll-new PictoChat element.
  • Communicate with other DS players and take advantage of the voice control feature via the integrated  Microphone port.
  • 25% smaller than the classic Nintendo DS.
  • Lighter than the classic DS by 20%.
  • Four adjustable levels of brightness to enhance battery life
  • Newly positioned LED lights and microphone.
  • New stylus that is longer and thicker.
  • Select and start buttons more comfortably positioned.
  • System comes in a choice of 3 different colors.

Despite filling the world with a colossal variety of impressive and exclusive games, the original Nintendo DS had a slight flaw in not being very portable. This hot and sleek new update fully addresses the issue. The new Nintendo DS system was highly underestimated and criticized, but after over fifteen million sales, the public is singing a different tune about the gaming system. This new system matches the Wii gaming console with its sleek new design, yet is capable of accepting all existing Game Boy and Nintendo DS games. The most awe-aspiring new characteristic of this portable console is the new back-light for the screen, enhancing the image quality to a level that is currently unmatched by any other portable gaming console. Another one of the DS Lite’s features are settings for four different brightness levels, with the maximum brightness level being superior to the PSP and is distinguishable under all lighting conditions. Upon its release, the DS Lite sold out right away, making it Japan’s fastest selling console.

Product Description

The DS Lite, the sleeker, smaller, and lighter variant of the classic Nintendo DS combines touch screen capability with a double screen action mode, giving a player a unique and extraordinary gaming sensation. The DS Lite is also integrated with wireless technology, giving players the ability to connect to online multi-player games and chat with each other and share doodles via PictoChat. Hand-held gaming is taken to an absolutely new level with the DS Lite. The gaming experience is enhanced with the DS Lite’s two 3-inch LCD screens with individual back-lighting and 3D graphics. The DS light packs more powerful graphics than the Nintendo 64 gaming console. Depending on your lighting conditions, you can adjust the brightness effects to four different levels. The ways in which you can utilize the dual screens are limitless, such as using one screen for the game and one screen for the map, using both screens to display something huge (like a giant enemy boss), and much more! Play non-stop for up to 19 hours* with the rechargeable ion lithium battery pack and (included) and rejuvenate the battery within 3 hours with the recharging unit (also included) to get right back into the action. No need to buy extra battery packs, no need to buy recharging units, everything you need is already included. The DS Lite also has a bunch of extra features such as a calendar, a clock, an alarm clock, a theme editing manager for the home screen, and more.

*Battery life varies depending on the level of brightness selected.

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