Gem Distribution

Gem Distribution Gem Distribution Gem is one of leading distributors in the UK. Gem distributes video gaming hardware and software, peripherals, PC software, toys, and books. The company achieved a £265 million revenues in 2008 – 2009. It is a part of DCC PLC, a £6.4 billion business.

35.5% of Gem’s revenues came form console hardware and software sales,37.9% came from computer software sales, 18.7% from computer peripherals, and 4.9% from consumer electronics and media.

Gem Distribution customer base includes the whole range of product distribution channel, with 53.5% of sales directly to retail companies, 23.2% to etail, 16.0% to catalogs, 5.7% to supermarkets, and 1.6% to other distributors and wholesalers.

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