Licensed 4 U Ltd

Licensed 4U Ltd is a UK-based company focusing on sales, licensing and territory management. The company’s current partners are gaming publishers who require worldwide exposure for their titles and IP but do not have the partner network nor internal resource to maximise this opportunity. The company operates via an extensive worldwide client network with direct representation into all major gaming territories. This network coupled with a wealth of experience allows us to offer our partners many different commercial solutions to help them best achieve their goals.We have a direct to UK retail division with our own label, which launched in January 2011, we offer a republishing solution for PC and a sales solution for all other formats with in the UK market.Our objective of joining UKIE is not only to support such an organization but to network and expand our knowledge of the market and industry by being part of this network of businesses in our industry.

The Studio, 23 Thames Street
Postcode: TW12 2EW

Key Personnel :

Adam Prichard, Managing Director
Roger Large, Head of Acquisitions
Luiz Ferreira, UK Sales Manager
Richard Barclay, Marketing& PR Manager

Telephone: 0208 944 8877

Licensed 4U is the publishing partner for the following games and as such has the rights to sell and distribute them.

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