Hori (UK) Ltd

Hori (UK) LtdHori (UK) Ltd is manufacturer of accessories for video games.

Founded in 1969 and working closely with games console manufacturers from1983, Hori Co. Ltd was one of the first 3rd party accessory makers in the world. The company was a major accessory manufacturer in Japan for almost 30 years, and has pioneered many concepts that have made gaming more enjoyable and accessible, while also creating unique products that appeal to hardcore and niche gaming markets.

Since 2004, Hori has expanded its operations globally and now has offices in the US, Hong Kong, and the UK, enabling worldwide distribution and swift and effective customer service. Below are examples of Hori products.

Screen Protective FilterCompact CaseGame Card Case 24ProtectorHard PouchHD LCD Monitor 3HD LCD Monitor 3Wireless Fighting Stick 3DS Game Card Case 24Real Arcade Pro.VX SA Multi Travel CaseScreen Protective Filter for Nintendo DSi XLWii Decorative Skin Set 


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