Video Game Format Compatibility

Video Format Compatibility

We supply mostly PAL format items. Some Video game format compatibilityplatforms may have compatibility issue on NTCS format markets, such as North America, part of South America, and Japan:

Nintendo, DS / DSi / DSi XL are compatible with PAL and NTSC and may work worldwide, including America.

Nintendo Wii: PAL, not compatible with NTSC format, cannot be used in America and Japan. Australia / Oceania and Asia should bed aware that the supplied stock may be used only for PAL platform.

Nintendo 3DS is PAL only and is not compatible with NTSC format.

PlayStation PS3 and PSP: video games are compatible worldwide, blu-ray and DVD movies may have computability issues for consoles. Video games may used without any limitations in every country, including countries of North America, part of South America, and Japan.

Xbox 360 is only PAL format and cannot be used in NTSC zone, except some special series, which could only be identified testing the discs in a console.

Please contact with our sales representatives if you are not sure if a particular format will work in your market.

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