PlayStation Move Starter Pack (PS3)

The PS-3 Move starter pack has everything that you will need to start moving! With the PS Eye digital camera and advanced motion-detecting sensors, all of your movements are carefully mirrored on-screen in high definition quality! Get sucked into the game and forget reality, only on the PlayStation-3!

Features of the controller:

Used in conjunction with the PS Eye camera for best results in regards to motion detection.
Wireless like the Sixaxis controller, but retains the vibrating capability of the DualShock-3 controller.
Wireless, sleek, and compact.
Li-ion battery integrated and rechargeable.
Both slow and fast movements are captured by the highly advanced motion-detecting sensors.
Visual feedback is provided while playing, as well.
Crashes, explosions, shooting, and more. Feel the effects of the game with the realistic vibration feedback.
Connect up to 4 Move controllers and play four-way.
Connect the controller to the PS3 through a USB cable to charge it and keep playing.

PlayStation Eye Camera

The PS Eye is a revolution in both microphone and USB camera technology. The PS Eye camera is designed to enhance the experience of communication on the PS network. Just like the EyeToy complimented the PS-2, and more advanced PS Eye compliments the more advanced PS-3.

PS Eye Features:

An advanced mic that filters out background sounds and focuses on the words you speak, resulting in superb speech recognition.
Can be used like a web-cam to capture audio and video, which can be stored on the PlayStation-3’s hard drive.
Works well even in poor lighting conditions.
Various modes of video capture, such as fast motion and slow motion.
Enhanced frame rate which results in smoothness, faster responsiveness, and faster tracking.
Two position zoom functionality.
A huge variety of visual effects that can be applied to videos and photos.

Starter Pack Contents:

One PS Move motion-sensitive controller.
One PS Eye digital camera

The PS Move and the PS Eye collaborate to track movements effectively. The precise movement detection captures everything from a slight twist of the wrist to a swing of the entire arm, and mirrors it perfectly on screen.

Dive into a world of action, literally. The combination of the PS Eye camera and the PS Move motion-sensitive controller allow you to get the maximum benefit out of the Blue-ray equipped PlayStation 3 next generation gaming system. This new combination of motion-detecting devices makes controller-based gaming obsolete, and provides players with hundreds of unique ways to experience games, through either motions or sound. The advanced technology used in these devices results in pin-point precision when it comes to detecting movements and mirroring them in the game. Run, jump, drive, shoot, throw, pick up, drop, and more with the aid of this advanced motion-detecting combo. These devices force you to get off the couch and move, forgetting that you are not simply playing a game. Indeed, the very purpose of these devices is to blur the line between gaming and reality, resulting in the most thrilling experience that has ever been available on a video game console. If you are still using a controller, you are not playing right. Get the PS Move starter kit, today!

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